Software built to help companies raise capital faster & easier.

CapRally allows companies to manage and track every aspect of their capital raising process.
From identifying the right investors all the way to streamlining the closing process, we have you covered.

Take control of your fundraise.

Track each investor’s status, interest level, thoughts on valuation, and how much capital the may be willing to invest. You can even keep track of your communication efforts to know where your conversation is and when you should follow up or take the next action.

Discover your perfect investor list.

With CapRally’s recent acquisition of Pitchbrite, users can create a pre-sorted list of active investors that match their company’s sector, stage, location, and market. We also leverage your existing Linkedin and Facebook relationships to uncover your “1 degree away” connections to investors that can introduce you to a newfound investor match.

Check Out Pitchbrite

Built for team collaboration.

Invite your team and advisors to work with you on your current fundraise and collaborate on the deal with shared investors, notes, and tasks. We charge by the deal, so there is no additional fees for adding more collaborators to your fundraise.

Visualize your deal.

Enjoy useful and insightful reports. With CapRally Analytics, you’ll be able to quickly view and identify valuable analytical data through different types of reports across your fundraise process.

One view to rule them all.

Start with an overall “Fundraise Key Performance Indicators” dashboard that includes the most important progress indicators for your fundraise alongside the deal activity stream. Every action, event, decision, and note within the fundraise is recorded and displayed in the activity stream.