We’re CapRally. Nice to meet you!

CapRally makes you more effective and efficient at closing your fundraise process.
Cut months off your fundraise so you can focus on building your business.

Company Summary

At CapRally, we're passionate about making it easy to more effectively and efficiently manage your capital raise process, and we pride ourselves on providing a secure and shockingly easy-to-use product.

We are building online tools for companies to easily manage their capital raise and investor relationships. Users can get matched with more likely investors, manage and track the investors within the deal, and collaborate on that deal with their team or advisors.

More than seven out of every eight capital raises are done without an investment bank and we saw an opportunity to help service those companies. Most entrepreneurs understand the pain, distraction and huge costs involved with raising capital, but there was never any quality, reasonably priced solutions available.

CapRally was founded in 2012 by a quality team of people who have worked and built financial software together with skills and experiences from investment banking, technology and design. We are backed by some of the best investors in the world.

The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California.


CapRally has raised capital from premier Silicon Valley, New York, and International Venture Capital Firms and Angel Investors.

Draper Associates - Rob Solomon - Tim Sullivan


Michael Raneri - Kip Sheeline

Founding Team

Thomas Foley

Co-Founder - CEO

Previous Founder & CEO of Xpert Financial - first FINRA and SEC approved Broker Dealer and Alternative Trading System for electronic capital raising and secondary trading of private shares backed by Tim Draper. Previously an investment banker focusing on capital raising and M&A at Arbor Advisors and Bay Capital Partners and an entrepreneur running Business Development at venture funded mobile game and application company, Moblyng.

Jeremy Copling

Co-Founder - Head of Technology

A dedicated generalist and critical thinker, Jeremy brings to CapRally over 15 years of web development and desktop development honed at diverse companies in industries such as finance, insurance, and entertainment. Prior to CapRally, Jeremy was the VP of Engineering at Xpert Financial where he led a team in creating an online platform and tools for raising private capital. Whether in frontend, backend, or data stores, Jeremy builds technology and teams to get the job done.

John Baunach

Co-Founder - Head of Product

Throughout 10 years of UI/UX Design & Product Development John has worked primarily with small to medium sized startups. Lead UI/UX at Xpert Financial. Lead UI/UX at Brightidea helping to conceive and create the Innovation Suite. Previous Co-Founder of Y Combinator backed company Slinkset which was acquired in 2009 by Posterous. He understands that in order to build something people want you have to be willing and able to wear many hats. He has done everything from Design and Market Research to QA and Customer Relations. At his core he is a very visual person who loves to solve problems.