Fundraising made simple.

Deal management in the cloud.

CapRally goes beyond the world of spreadsheets, general CRMs and high investment banking fees. If only you had a full-time fundraising assistant...
oh wait, that’s us.

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Fundraise Control

Track and manage your entire deal from start to finish. Keep on top of each and every action with all of your potential investors.

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Investor Discovery

Find active investors that match your company’s sector, stage, location, and market and see the best way to connect by leveraging your network.

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Powerful Analytics

Enjoy useful and insightful reports. Quickly view and identify valuable analytical data through different types of reports.

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A better way to manage your fundraise process.

More efficient than a spreadsheet.

A majority of companies track their own process through a spreadsheet. This is the most tedious and inefficient way to go about raising capital. The average company spends 3-6 months on a fundraise and it can take up to 50% of the management team’s time. We promise to make you more efficient and more effective in closing.

Simpler than a CRM.

Generalized CRM systems do not work for the fundraise process. They are over-complicated and are built to manage a sales process, not a fundraise. Our system is built specifically to help hold our users hands every step of the way. We also charge by deal and not by user, because we believe that team collaboration is key to success.

Cheaper than an Investment Bank.

Investment banks charge at least 5% fees on any capital raised. For a company raising $1,000,000, that comes out to $50,000. CapRally offers all the same services, but will always be at least 10x less expensive through our subscription pricing model.

If you are fundraising right now or planning on raising capital soon...

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